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Cheering up cabinets since 2010

500 ★★★★★ Reviews

“I love these mugs. I am convinced that they make my coffee taste better.”


“This mug was purchased as a gift, but I loved it so much I decided to keep it for myself! It is just gorgeous and is the perfect size.”


“I had one cup with a chicken that was a gift from my daughter. EVERYONE tried to get this one first for coffee in a sly offhand way...there is just something about it that made the coffee and the day better! Now, everyone gets the happy cup to start the day ❤️”


“My absolute favorite for handmade cups!”


“This is a truly lovely object to have around. Everything about it just feels right to me and I'm very happy with it. I can attest that its cookie holding abilities are more than up to task.”

ZarbCookie jar

“I can't get enough of Abby's whimsical designs, it's a surefire way to make me smile.”


“As always, Abby's work is whimsical, well made and durable and brightens your day to see the lovely artwork.”


“This pair of espresso cups is absolutely delightful. The quality is exquisite.”

Lou AnneEspresso cups

“I'm a repeat buyer from this shop and absolutely adore Abby's work.”

CarrieEspresso cup

“These mugs are beautifully made, well balanced, perfect for little hands, and Abby's signature designs are delightful. They make wonderful keepsakes.”


“Sweet design with beautiful craftsmanship.”


“Unique and absolutely adorable. The perfect addition to our cupboard. Fast shipping and a quality product.”


“ADORE! Beautiful quality and just the cutest.”


“Gorgeous, high quality ceramic mugs and such a wonderful and whimsy design. I love the artwork and craftsmanship. Looking forward to getting more pieces in the future!”

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