Snake pottery bowl

I love how the shape of the bowl provides an opportunity for the snake to weave inside and out.

One of the exciting aspects of working in a three-dimensional medium like pottery is that it allows me to find new and fun ways for the surface design and vessel form to interact. In this snake bowl, my hand-drawn snake hovers on the lip of the bowl, occupying space both inside and out.


This pottery bowl was wheel-thrown on the potter’s wheel. After a bisque firing, I draw the snake on the surface of the bowl using a precision glaze applicator filled with black glaze. It’s a bottle with a narrow tip that squeezes a thin line of glaze, almost like a pen. The next step is to add color glaze, and my signature stamp. Then the entire bowl is dipped in clear glaze. Then it’s time for the final kiln firing.


B-Mix clay, various glazes, slip